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Your German to English translator in Graz

Translations and editing in carefully crafted British English – language services in the areas I know best.

German to English translations
Have you already written your text in German? But you are involved in a bilingual publication – or perhaps you only need an English version. Maybe you simply want your content to speak to an international audience.

As a native English speaker, I create precise translations that have the same impact as the original. You can be as involved in the process as you want to be – or you can just press send.


Do you already have an English text? I can support you with the following services:

Comparative editing
Your text has already been translated and you want to make sure everything is just right? I compare the German original with the English translation, checking that all details have been conveyed correctly and ensuring that the writing style has the same impact as the original. I also correct any grammar or spelling issues that might have snuck in.

English proofreading
Does your text need a final polish? I correct punctuation, misspellings, line breaks and grammar. I check that the chosen English variant (e.g. American or British) has been used throughout and remove any inconsistences.

English editing
This is the full package: I help you with style, clarity and sentence construction, eliminating ambiguities and checking names and dates. Where needed I adapt the structure to improve readability and make sure that the English flows well and is a pleasure to read.

Does this sound like what you’re looking for?
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